My Last Blog

I thought I would reflect on my tenth grade year.

After going through two years of high school, I have found that it is nothing you expect it to be when you were a kid. This year was….alright. I say there were ups and downs. Pros and cons if you will. If you know me, you know that I like to make lists, and that is what I am going to do for this post.

1. PRO- I learned how to preform a proper snap. (snap: the clicking noise you fingers can make.)
2. CON- So. Much. Homework.
3. PRO- My math teacher never graded homework, so I never had to do homework.
4. CON- This was the absolute stressful year of my life. In regards to work and tests and projects and ugh.
5. PRO- I actually learned how to talk during classes. In the past I used avoid eye contact and never ask or answer a question. I feel as thought this year, I really tried to interact as much as possible in my classes. Go me.
6. CON- I did terrible on my biology final.
7. PRO- I got my permit.
8. CON- I am scared of driving.
9. PRO- I made new friends.
10. CON- I got older.

I liked 10th grade. Bye.


Something to make you smile :)

Since it is the end of the year with a bunch of finals and stress, I thought I would post links to some of my favorite youtube videos. I hope you like them.

Ghost in the Stalls -Olan Rogers

Internet Animal Impressions 1 &2 -Chris Kendall/crabstickz

Strange Guy Makes No Sense

After Ever After -Jon Cozart/paint

Your Grammar Suck #43 -jacksfilms

Have a less stressful week. 🙂

Movie Review: Food Boy

Recently, my friend Alison and I were on Netflix, looking for a movie to watch. One caught our eye: Food Boy. Why is that intriguing? Because Lucas Gaberal was in the cast. For all the High School Musical fans out there, I mean the boy who played Ryan Evans, Sharpay’s brother, the slightly really homosexual one who wore hats and colored pants all of the time. So, of course we watched this movie. Sarcastically, of course…


Before I start, the main character of this movie’s name is Ezra. I will not be using any pronouns to refer to Ezra (except a couple), because the name Ezra looks really cool when I type it……….Ezra.

The movie showed, Ezra, a complete loser who really wanted to be class president. (Why did he want to be class president? He never said.) Ezra, who has about 3 friends, one being a girl who, spoiler alert, ends up as Ezra’s girlfriend by the end of the movie. It is also important to know that Ezra likes to eat food.

So, one day at school, Ezra learns that he can shoot various meats out of his hands. (DA FUQ? I know!) Ezra goes home to his grandparents, because this is a Disney funded movie and Disney feels it necassary to play out every type of family, and Ezra finds out that he cAN MAKE FOOD COME OUT OF HIS HANDS FOR IT IS A FAMILY POWER. (DA FUQ? I know!)

Ezra at first is like, “Ew. No. Why do I have this power? I don’t want it.” while Ali and I are like, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? THAT’D BE AWESOME.” Ezra, who had 3 friends, does magic tricks for his classmates and then they all think Ezra is awesome and that Ezra is cool.

Ezra ends up becoming class president and gaining new friends and getting a girlyyyyyy friend. All thanks to his super power.

Moral of the story: Food makes everything better.

Best part of the entire movie: Ezra lifts up his hand, and like a toaster, a piece of bread pops up out of it. That was classic. I laughed for a good hour.

(This was a crap blog…..I just didn’t know what to talk about, and I was thinking of this movie while I was thinking about what to write so this happened. Sorry if I am a loser.)

Why I Hate People wrote an article about why people may hate each other; you can read it here:

After reading that, which was very fascinating and comical, I would like to add some extra points of why I hate people. Here we go.

5 Annoying Things That I Say Makes Me Hate People

5. Don’t look at me.
Why do people find it necessary to stare at me? I don’t really understand why if I am minding my own business, chilling, checking out something out at Wal-Mart, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WATCH ME? It may be the whole “Oh my gosh. Teenager. Look, Bill. It’s a teenager. What if it attacks? Ew. What’s up with it’s face?” (For this scenario  I used old people. I swear old people are obsessed with me for they stare at me all of the time. If you couldn’t collect, I made the speaker be a woman, let’s call her Helen, getting her husband, Bill’s, attention.) Helen, sweetie, darling. You seriously need to stop. I understand that you may be reminiscing your older days or watching to see if I am going to be doing something illegal because you saw a teenage girl on television get frisky, but please. Stop looking at me. You too, Bill.

4. I do not care.
Now, I do care about things. A lot of things. I do care about people’s lives and what is happening in them, but not everybody’s. Like, Helen and Bill might stop me at Wal-Mart to tell that I remind me of their granddaughter, which doesn’t make up for staring at me, but honestly, I don’t care. (Please don’t think that I am a jerk. Old people are nice, they are, and don’t think that I hate them. I am very nice to old people.) The reason that I don’t care is for their own good. If you keep telling me about your granddaughter and where she goes to school and what she looks like and what she likes to do, what is going to stop you from telling a murderous stranger about her???? Seriously. People are too open with information these days. There’s social media, which gets so many people in a load of trouble, but people really can’t say or do anything without the possibility of consequence. So, Helen and Bill, take the fact that I don’t care as a gift. Because if you don’t tell me anything, I won’t have to kill your granddaughter…Wait what? (Gosh. I think I am so funny.)

3. Why are you wearing that?
This one has two different rants for the two different genders.
You are probably the reason why Helen is staring at me in the store, girls. You are the reason why girls are terrible creatures and suck. Seriously. And here is why. Put. Some. Freaking. Clothes. On. Is it really necessary for you to be wearing that? And when I say that, I mean the bare minimum you have on. I am really not interested in seeing your boobs, your butt, or anything else you got going for you. This may be because I am also a girl, but I am pretty sure not everybody, including boys, wants to see your all of your stuff.  Especially Helen. Geeze.
The most typical: pull your pants up. That’s basically it. Also, stop wearing rude t-shirts that make everyone in the room want to punch you in the face. Because maybe one day, someone will.
Girls and Boys:
Shower more. Seriously. Everyone just needs to shower more. It improves everything.

2. You are rude.
Stop being rude to people. Learn to respect people’s choices and opinions. Learn to not be a major poop face and be nice. (I know that after reading this whole post, you may be thinking, “Ummm…..Jordyn….This whole post is rude and offense and mean. You are a hypocrite.” To which I will say, “I don’t act like this in real life. I just keep my opinions to myself and then blog about them to inform people how not to make me hate them. That is different.”)

1. You suck. I suck. We all suck.
I hate people because they’re people. They’re grown this way to be this certain type of people. I am this certain type of people too. I know that life is beautiful and awesome and all that stuff, but it also sucks. It sucks because we are all really the same. It sucks because we are all different. It sucks that I can get really annoyed at Helen and Bill. And it sucks that I can write this whole thing about why I hate people and not do anything about it. Simply because I don’t want to. There is no ambition or motivation for a lot of people today. And I hate it. And you know what? That sucks.


The Name Debate

My friend and I recently debated over an unusual topic.

I had asked her if she could pick a name for herself, any name in the world, what would it be?

We had come the conclusion that she could really just be herself; that the name “Cathy” really suited her. With this, I began to think about how your name really shapes you; the name you are given at birth decides who you will be.

This is when the debating started.

Your name chooses your personality.  vs.  You are you no matter what you are called.

Me  vs. Cathy

Since my name is Jordyn, I really only know how to be Jordyn, so for you to understand my side of the debate, think outside of the box.

Jordyn is generally a boy’s name. Yes, mine is spelled more “girly”, but if you were just calling me “Jordan”, speaking my name, it is a boy’s name. (You could battle me in saying that you know plenty of girl Jordan’s, but shut up. That is not the debate.) When I was a kid, I hated my name. I hated it because all the girls in my elementary school and Sunday School classes had pretty names. Girly names. Like Ashley, or Rachel, or Katie, or Alison. (Hi, Alison. I put your name in there to make you feel pretty. You’re welcome.) But I was always Jordyn, and everyone spelled my name wrong, and I never got a key chain with my name on it, and I didn’t have a lot of friends, and I wasn’t good at writing the letter “J”, and my sisters had feminine names, and I was an awkward little weirdo.

All of those characteristics are due to the fact that my name is Jordyn.

My main point is that my name, I feel, really set out my course in life. I’m not saying that the meaning of your name reflects who you are, because that is not true. I’m really trying to say that if my name had been something else, not a more girlier name, that was just an example, I think I would be a completely different person.

All I ever wanted growing up was a key chain with my name on it. When my family would go on vacation or to an amusement park, we’d go into a gift shop. There were always key chains and bracelets and necklaces with names on it in these shops. They would have my name, but of course, it was spelled wrong. What I am really trying to say, now that this thought entered my mind, I would have been a different person if I had a name that was a available on a key chain. Why? Well, 1. I’d have a freaking key chain. 2. I wouldn’t be Jordyn.


You are probably addressed at least 20 times a day. If your name was something long and unpronounceable  people wouldn’t call on you as much; they wouldn’t talk to you as much because getting your attention would be a struggle. (At least for me. Because I would be paranoid to insult you by mispronouncing your name or giving you an unwanted nickname. Which if I have, I am sorry. Blame your parents, though. Your name determines what happens to you, remember?)

In closing, I like my name now. I like who I am. (Except for the fact that I do not have a freaking key chain.) I am glad that my name is Jordyn, because if it hadn’t of been, I would not be this insanely cool person who blogs about television shows for English class. I wouldn’t be the girl who cried when Elena picked Damon. (Lolz. I probably still would be. That stuff hurt.) (But there is another point. If my name was Elena, I would have picked Stefan. Just kidding. Those people aren’t real. Which makes me sad.) I wouldn’t be the girl who writes this super long blog post with embarrassing stuff because maybe more than her one friend would actually read it. (Once again, hey, Ali, hey.)

Comments or questions answered:

You don’t make any sense.

  • I didn’t ask for your sass.

Alright. I am done.

People I Would Like to Meet & Why, part 1

BEGINNING NOTE: I have not blogged since March. This entry will be me attempting to regain some blogging skills, if I had any at all.

It says “part 1” because there are definitely more people I’d like to meet, but here are the first few, not implying these people in certain order of who I’d like to meet the most, just people, in list form. (The award for best run-on sentence goes to me. Ha ha.)

Also, another thing about this list, if I do more, I’m allowing myself the advantage of meeting people alive, dead, or fictional. Okay. On with the list.

1. Steven Moffat (x)
Steven Moffat is the first person I would like to meet. (I lied. Number 1 will be the person I would like to meet the most.) If you know anything about Moffat, you know that he is the writer of the BEST television show in the world, Doctor Who. If you know anything about me, I love Doctor Who. I would like to meet him not only for his secrety secrets for upcoming shows, but because of his AMAZING MIND. You won’t be able to understand this unless you watch Doctor Who, but this guy is one of my favorite people on the planet, even though he breaks my heart with some major plot twists. This is so hard to explain without me looking like a major nerd, but he is definitely number 1. He also has cool hair.

2. Ed Sheeran (x)
Ed Sheeran is my favorite singer. Ever. (Omg. How could you limit yourself to just one person? What about singers from the last decade? You have no taste in music. Ugh. Go away.)  I love the fact that he writes all of his own songs, because most artists do not these days. I love the fact that he is a real person. I love that his lyrics are so real, funny, and different. I would like to meet him because. You know what no. Never mind. I would not like to meet him because I would cry all over him and his excellence. Just look.

3. The President of the United States, Barack Obama
Why? Because why the heck not?

Alright I’m done. I will try a lot harder next time. I realized this was going to be hard to do without fangirling all over the keyboard.

But seriously. Steven Moffat is number 1. Forever.

Why You Should Watch ‘Doctor Who’

The BBC television show Doctor Who is a huge part of my life. With that, I thought I’d share it with you, and possibly convince you to watch it. Here are some reasons why.

1. It is the longest running show in television history. First aired in November 1963, Doctor Who will be coming to its 50 year anniversary this fall. With that said, it is obvious that this show is great, for it has not yet been cancelled. After FIFTY YEARS. That really says something.

2. This show deals with time travel. Time travel is freaking cool. Why is it cool? Because we as humans have not yet developed the technology to do so, so we must get our knowledge from somewhere. Maybe not for you, but this is how I sleep at night. 😉 Not only does the Doctor travel through time, but he can also travel through space!!!! The whole entire unirverse!!! (=cool.) So, if I’m not mistaken, this show will teach you about time AND space.

3. The Doctor has a time machine. This time machine is called the TARDIS. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) The TARDIS is camouflaged as a police telephone box from the 1960s in England. (Why? Just go with it.) The time machine is also….bigger on the inside. Yes. Cool. On the outside, you have a wooden box, normal. But on the inside you have a huge space ship, with a console for controls, and tunnels, and caverns, and other cool things that I’m not sure do. But all of that, that is cool.

4. Doctor Who is hilarious. You have the drama, you have the suspense, but the humor is fantastic. Most of the jokes are quiet and you have to listen for them, but when you get them, it’s just the best.

5. ALIENS. If you like aliens and outer space, then good. But, some of the episodes of Doctor Who require…acceptance.  Some episodes just get really weird, and have you ask yourself, “What on earth am I watching?” (I’d like to point out that I made a space pun. With the planet reference. Because the show deals with outer space. Never mind. Just forget it.) But, if you accept the weird ones, you will be accepting the whole entirety of the show, which is awesome. Good for you.

7. It’s just plain amazing. I love this show so much and 100% recommend it.

Like I said, these were just some of the reasons why you should watch this show. (Also, I left a bunch of links explaining stuff, because this show takes too long to explain everything. I’m talking 50 years of stuff. That’s a lot.)

If you are planning on watching this show after reading this, great. I would hug you, because you are now cool.

If you are still on the fence and need more persuasion, here are the links to a 2 part mini episode.  (I chose a Matt Smith one. Matt Smith is cool.)

Part 1

Part 2

Step 3: How to Ship

Shipping is my favorite part of having no live because you can just imagine someone else’s happy and beautiful life and give up on your own! it goes hand in hand, really.

Shipping is when you like two individuals to be in a relationship. These individuals can be anything: real people, characters from a television show, movie, or book, even yourself. Once you ship something, it is common to create a name for that ship by putting the two people’s names together.

(ex. Kurt + Blaine = Klaine) 

(ex. Sherlock + John + Johnlock)

(ex. Castiel + Dean = Destiel) 

(ex. Merlin + Arthur = Merthur)

(I just realized that all of the ships I used as examples are gay. Hehehe.)

The people you ship don’t have to already be in a relationship together. If it make you happy, then ship it. In fiction, you usually end up shipping people who aren’t together. (Like Johnlock, Merthur, Destiel. 😦 ) Just ship anything you like! The next step of shipping is finding your otp. Otp stands for “one true pair”, or the ship you ship the most. Your otp is the ship that you care most about, the one that make you fangirl when those individuals are together or when they smile at each other or when they look at each other, or when they breathe….sorry. I got carried away. (Technically, you’re really only supposed to have one, but I have hundreds because all my ships cause my physical pain when I see them, making them all my otps.)

Sometimes there may be two people that you want to ship based on their relationship, but you don’t want them to get married and have a house on a hill as they raise their beautiful babies who just as perfect as they are. If this is true, you can call this ship a “brotp”, emphasis on the bro, because then they are just bros, nothing….sexual. Like my brotp is Ted and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. So you got it? I think it’s pretty simple to understand. Kind of like math, but you actually like it and it has an actual effect on your life. Truth.

Once again, if the pictures don’t move, then click on them. 😉

Step 2: How to Fangirl

Fangirl or fangirling is a term to describe individuals who have an obsessive obsession over something. The word derives from fandom, as defined in the last post (x). This is really hard to explain by the way, so bare with me.

**For this instructional post, I will be using the Doctor Who fandom as an example. (Quick background behind Doctor Who.)**

“Ahh, yes. I can’t wait to watch this episode!”, I say switching the channel to BBC America. Doctor Who comes onto the television screen. The Doctor strides up and down his TARDIS, turning knobs and jiggling at the console. He stops to listen as his time machine makes the noise of traveling through decades and countless galaxies. The TARDIS lands and the Doctor smiles a prideful grin in the mirror before straightening his beloved bow tie (x). His companion, Amelia Pond, shuffles over to him after holding on for dear life when traveling thousands of years into the future. “You should really get rid of the bow tie, Doctor,” says the Scottish redhead. “You look ridiculous.” The Doctor gives her a serious look as he replies, “No I don’t. Bow ties are cool.” A smile consumes my face as I begin to giggle and pull my hair. “Hehehehe!”, I shriek as I continue to FANGIRL over the Doctor’s nerdy catchphrase. (The catchphrase being “Bow ties are cool.”)

(I just wrote that all by myself, like I made that up. I win a prize.)

Now this is how you fangirl. Watch, listen, or read something that is near and dear to your heart. You basically just overreact to something that would cause a regular smile or a chuckle to the common civilian. When I say “overreact”, I mean really go for it. Dance, jump, cry, laugh, scream, hyperventilate, cackle, mess up your hair, grunt, sing, tweet about it, blog about it, call your best friend, call your mom if you don’t have a best friend, tickle your stomach, draw fan art, grab your cheeks, anything to display your excitement or sometimes heartbreak.

Now the last piece of fangirling, is the unique language fangirls have created. Yes, they do speak English in the common world, but on the Internet, fangirls have certain phrases and codes that display their feelings, or as they call it, “feels”.

Fangirls tend to speak in 2 ways: text and pictures. (Pictures meaning photos, gifs, memes, etc.) If a fangirl wants to show how much she loves something, for instance a  beautiful main character shirtless (YES.<3), she might write this: “KAJHKSADFSHDIWIXMPPTWT,” which was just her slamming on her keyboard because she could  not contain her own ligaments when the picture of the put into her/his view. (This is me. I am a text fangirl.) The second way fangirls display their feels to a favorite character’s shirtless self is explained in the example I created below.



Fangirl’s reply:

(Click on picture if it does not move.)

There is so much more words and terms to learn for fangirling, but with time and practice, you will become a pro. 🙂